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  4. Jackboot

    Tomb of Annihilation Campaign

    WE ARE FULL, FOLKS! First session will be November 11th @ 6PM UTC Players are: Fatfish Swan Zylex Pyro Fynn Zenith With special appearances from the NPC, Peasant!
  5. Zylex

    Tomb of Annihilation Campaign

  6. In about a month I will be running The Tomb of Annihilation campaign from WotC. If you are interested in playing just post below letting me know what day/time is best for you and what type of character you like to play. It is a fairly advanced campaign, so it may not be very welcoming to new players. That being said, all players are welcome in my campaign. If you would like to learn more about the campaign and it's story here is a short, but very informative video:
  7. Jackboot

    New members introductions

    ^ Military Simulator. Squad and Arma are great examples.
  8. Zylex

    New members introductions

    whats a mil-sim?
  9. Original_Panda

    Squad Giveaway!

    EZ wins everyone knows im the best im a panda come on gimme that sweet sweet squad
  10. Our glorious Squad server is now fully licensed and ready to seed! Let's go play some Squad!
  11. Thermal

    New members introductions

    Ok my turn! Name: Mike (Thermal)  Country of origin: U.S.A.  Favorite game genre: Competitive Shooter/Mil-Sim  Why am I here?: I’m like jackboot and his friend in the way that they wanted to find a community that was chill, but at the same time competitive in certain games because they are and so am I competitive gamers at heart.  What am I looking for?: To make friends and meet Awsome Squad players!
  12. Jackboot

    Everyone Go Upvote Our Amazing Server

  13. Jackboot

    Looking for a Group

    Post here if you are looking for a game or are a DM looking for a group to host a game for.
  14. Jackboot

    New members introductions

    Okay well I can start this out! Name: Jimi (Jackboot) Country of origin: U.S.A. Favorite game genre: Competitive Shooter/Mil-Sim Why am I here?: Well, @[WKD] Zenith and I wanted to found a community that was chill, but at the same time very competitive in certain games because we are competitive gamers at heart. What am I looking for?: AMAZING SQUAD PLAYERS!
  15. FTB Revelations mod pack has been successfully installed on the Minecraft server and the RAM has been bumped up to 10GB.

  16. Jackboot

    What Mods should we run on our new server ?

    ^ It has been installed
  17. Zylex

    What Mods should we run on our new server ?

    FTB Revolation in the twitch launcher
  18. Murshmellows

    Squad Giveaway!

    If I don't get it im reporting you all
  19. [WKD] Zenith

    Squad Giveaway!

    If I win it Bik ill give it to you don't worry
  20. BikSwett

    Squad Giveaway!

    Kek Zenith said hed ban me if I win this ekekekekekek
  21. [WKD] Zenith

    Battlefield server ?

    Should we create a server for battlefield ?
  22. Suggestions down below bois and gals.
  23. [WKD] Zenith

    The [WKD] Wicked Gaming Minecraft Server is Up!

    We need suggestions of what mods we should install if any ?
  24. [WKD] Zenith

    Best role ?

    What is the best role in League of Legends ?
  25. [WKD] Zenith

    League of legends in game names

    Add Nihilist Response to join the Wicked gaming group on League of Legends
  26. Jackboot

    Squad: How to Admin

    How to become an Admin: All [WKD] members are "junior admins" on [WKD] servers. So all you have to do is meet the requirements to join, which are just being able to be understood in comms and being willing to play as a team. All [WKD] moderators are "super admins" on [WKD] servers, which gives them the ability to go into admin cam. The Squad Admin System: We now use BattleMetrics to administrate our Squad servers, the ingame admin commands do not provide enough logs for us to enforce bans and our admin decisions. BattleMetrics logs everything which will allow us to easily defend an admin in the case that an admin abuse case is brought to OWI. BattleMetrics is an online Remote Console website which allows you to view lots of information about our server, including current/past players, name changes, VAC Bans and previous kicks and bans.This means admins can administrate the server from anywhere. When made an admin, you will be emailed an invite code for BattleMetrics. Use this to sign up and look around. You mainly want to be using https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon as this shows the current server stats and information. Broadcasting a message: Browse to https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon and expand the servers - you will then see a log of who joined, left, got kicked, other admin commands etc - at the bottom you will see a textbox - anything typed in there will be broadcast when you press send. Kicking or banning a player: Browse to https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon and expand the servers, on the left of the player log you'll see a live players list, each name has a dropdown box which can be used to interact with the player. When kicking or banning, you MUST enter a reason, this reason is public and is seen on the server so ensure it is informative and accurate as any abuse complaints will look at the reason. You MUST also have a evidence of the issue. What we expect from Admins: As an admin for [WKD] we expect you to uphold the basic server rules and ensure people are dealt with accordingly. As an Admin or [WKD] member you represent [WKD], try to deescalate a situation. Admins should give multiple warnings before resorting to a kick - intentional teamkilling and leaving can be banned via a Super Admin on BattleMetrics for 30 days. To be logged in to BattleMetrics (we suggest using the Steam web browser when in game) when playing on our server so they can enforce our rules. You are also expected to uphold [WKD] general rules which can be found on the forum or the #rules channel on discord.
  27. I AM Swan

    Squad Giveaway!

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