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  • So, you're a dungeon master, huh?

    Would you like to offer your special set of skills to Wicked? Besides the fact that you'll be making a lot of eager players incredibly happy, there are actually a few benefits to becoming a Wicked dungeon master:

    1. The ability to call yourself a Wicked dungeon master!
    2. A plus subscription to Roll20.net, which will continue to be paid by Wicked as long as you continue to run games here.
    3. All of the tokens, map packs, and game modules you need to run your game(s) as smoothly as possible.
    4. The dungeon master role on the official Wicked Discord server, which grants you access to the #dungeon-master chat where you can find the DM material acquisition form.
    5. A lot of smiling players!

    If you're interested click here, fill out the the short form, and wait for [WKD] Jimi to get back to you!

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