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  1. Every other Saturday at 2:00 PM EST our party continues their quest to stop the death curse!
  2. Jimi

    What is Wicked?

    Wicked is a community comprised of gamers from every walk of life. Wicked started out as a platform for us to create competitive gaming teams and build community, but we quickly realized that we were much more interested the community aspect of gaming. We strive to promote the community and friendship aspect of both competitive and casual gaming. We host tabletop/roleplaying games, movie nights, game events, seasonal and spontaneous giveaways, and have an extremely dedicated admin team. Whether you’re a competitive or casual gamer, or not a gamer at all, we'd love to have you as a part of our community! So really... Other than awesome emotes, what does Wicked offer? • Lots of Dungeons and Dragons games and a dungeon master program? Yep! See the Dungeon Master's Corner for more information • Dedicated admin team? Yep! • Self assignable Discord roles and colors? Yep! • Video chat rooms to compliment almost every Discord voice channel? Yep! • Server wide spontaneous giveaways? Yep! • Wicked private seasonal and spontaneous giveaways? Yep! • Wide array of events including D&D and movie nights? Yep! • Lots of customized and premium Discord bots? Yep! • Well produced website containing information about Wicked Dungeons and Dragons, Wicked servers, Wicked Events, and more? You're on it! • Wicked cool people from all over the globe and maybe the universe? Hell Yes! https://discord.gg/jRaegRF And now... Seeing as we don’t allow advertising on the Wicked community server, but we still like to see Discord servers and content creators grow and flourish, we’ve launched Wicked Advertising! Wicked Advertising is a brother server to Wicked and is a place for you to do a bit of shameless self-promotion or just browse through some content. Happy Advertising! https://discord.gg/hMD7BZb
  3. until
    Every Sunday at 2:00 PM EST our party continues their quest to stop the death curse! Party Members: Jimi - Dungeon Master Papa Pyro - Eldan Stoneforged Zenith - Fenrir Lupin Mitch - Almericus the Black Fatfish - Alastor
  4. until
    Every Friday at 5:00 PM EST our party continues their quest to stop the cult of the dragon! Party Members: [WKD] Jimi - Dungeon Master [WKD] Gentelmen Pyro - Gezin MuckOil [WKD] I AM Swan - Eldrax Draci [WKD] Zylex - Nocturn Tremolo Fatfish - Kazath Gearhead1395 - The Macho Orc Randy Savage
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