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  1. Jimi

    Tomb of Annihilation Campaign 1

    Every Sunday at 2:00 PM EST our party continues their quest to stop the death curse! Party Members: [WKD] Jimi - Dungeon Master [WKD] Gentelmen Pyro - Eldan Stoneforged [WKD] Zylex - Trem-a-low [WKD] I AM Swan - Grot [WKD] Zenith - Fenrir Lupin Pepperino - Claude (Deceased) Mitch - Almericus the Black Fatfish - Alastor
  2. until
    Every Friday at 5:00 PM EST our party continues their quest to stop the cult of the dragon! Party Members: [WKD] Jimi - Dungeon Master [WKD] Gentelmen Pyro - Gezin MuckOil [WKD] I AM Swan - Eldrax Draci [WKD] Zylex - Nocturn Tremolo Fatfish - Kazath Gearhead1395 - The Macho Orc Randy Savage
  3. Jimi

    New members introductions

    ^ Military Simulator. Squad and Arma are great examples.
  4. Jimi

    New members introductions

    Okay well I can start this out! Name: Jimi Country of origin: U.S.A. Favorite game genre: Tabletop/RPG Who I am: I'm Jimi Why I'm here: My entire goal is to create an environment in which anyone can come, hangout, and have a good time. What I'm looking for: Staff. Apply on Discord
  5. Jimi

    [WKD] Rules

    Respect and listen to guardsman. They are here to keep the peace. If you have a problem/complaint with a decision made by a member of the guard, submit a complaint to a council member and it will be reviewed by the council. No URL Usernames. No abusive language. No spamming. No recruiting/advertising for other servers, groups, or clans on [WKD] servers.