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[WKD] Zenith

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  1. [WKD] Zenith

    Squad Giveaway!

    If I win it Bik ill give it to you don't worry
  2. [WKD] Zenith

    Battlefield server ?

    Should we create a server for battlefield ?
  3. Suggestions down below bois and gals.
  4. [WKD] Zenith

    The [WKD] Wicked Gaming Minecraft Server is Up!

    We need suggestions of what mods we should install if any ?
  5. [WKD] Zenith

    Best role ?

    What is the best role in League of Legends ?
  6. [WKD] Zenith

    League of legends in game names

    Add Nihilist Response to join the Wicked gaming group on League of Legends
  7. [WKD] Zenith

    Squad Giveaway!