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Found 6 results

  1. Jackboot

    Wicked Winter Giveaway

    Hey, everyone! This Giveaway is going to be a little different than the last. Don't worry though, it's still just as simple! There is now a space on the Wicked Gaming Application to add the username of the member that referred you to the community. All you need to do is direct new players to https://www.thewickedgaming.com/ (This website), where they can create their account. Then they'll need to click the "Join Wicked" button and fill out the short application, remembering to add you as their referral. They'll then need to wait for a recruiter to contact them via the forums or Discord. It's that easy! The member who refers the most new members will be the winner! Referrals will stop being counted on the 25th of December, on which date the winners will be announced. The prizes are as follows: First Prize: Executive Assault 2 (Delivered via Steam) Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - Digital Deluxe Edition (Delivered via Steam) 25$ Steam Gift Card Second Prize: 10$ Steam Gift Card Third Prize: 5$ Steam Gift Card
  2. Chancellor: The Chancellor is the Chief Administrative Officer of the community. In the event of a tie vote in the council, the Chancellor breaks the tie. Counselors: The Council is the main decision making authority within the community. The Council puts all administrative/financial actions to a vote. Guardsman: Guardsman are responsible for keeping the peace within the community by pacifying any "peace threat". Section Heads: Section Heads are in charge of anything related to their section. Recruiters: Recruiters are responsible for the induction of players into the community. Graphics Team: Graphics Team are there to help with any graphic content that the community needs. Wicked Members: Members of our glorious community. Members have access to all Wicked Gaming private channels, events, and giveaways.
  3. Jackboot

    [WKD] Reserved Server Slots

    All [WKD] members will receive a reserved slot on all [WKD] Wicked Gaming servers after having registered on the [WKD] Wicked Gaming forums! Thanks for deciding to be a part of this ever growing community, Jackboot
  4. Jackboot

    Wicked Gaming Staff

    Chancellor: Jackboot Counselors: Peasant Jackboot Zenith I AM Swan Guardsman: Vhyn Zylex Glitch Recruiters: Pandamon Murshmellows Wicked Gaming Section Specific Staff: Dungeons & Dragons: Jackboot League of Legends: Zenith Destiny 2: Overwatch: Minecraft: Zylex Kerbal Space Program: Peasant Battle Royale: Paradox Games: I AM Swan Rainbow Six: Siege: Arma 3: World of Warcraft: Squad:
  5. Jackboot

    [WKD] Rules

    Respect and listen to guardsman. They are here to keep the peace. If you have a problem/complaint with a decision made by a member of the guard, submit a complaint to a council member and it will be reviewed by the council. Be respectful to other communities and players. No hacking. No offensive or URL Usernames. No abusive language. No spamming. Cannot be a member of a competing clan. A competing clan is any clan that could play against us in ANY ranked/comp matches. Playing as a mercenary for another clan is only accepted with [WKD] tags on. [WKD] members must be wearing tags when on [WKD] hosted servers. No recruiting for other clans on [WKD] servers.