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Wicked Rules

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1. Use common sense!
2. Respect everyone, including staff!
3. No overly inappropriate conversations!
4. Posting pornographic and or inappropriate content in channels not marked as NSFW will result in a permanent ban!
5. No advertising!
6. Do not ping staff members unless it is an absolute emergency!
7. No spamming or influencing it!
8. No talking crap about the server.
9. No racism. It will be taken seriously.

Punishments for rule breakers:
WARN 1: Verbal Warning (no punishments)
WARN 2: Mute 1 hour
WARN 3: Mute 24 hours
WARN 4: Mute 7 days
WARN 5: Ban 1 week
WARN 6: Perm ban

If you have any problems with Guardsman giving incorrect punishments please contact @[WKD] Jammi on Discord and an investigation will be performed on the problem.

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